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"Chromaphon Remixes"
Release Date: 12 Sep 2011

Following the release of Toob's come-back EP "Chromaphon", Process Recordings now brings you remixes from Point B and Radioactive Man for the EP's title track.

Celebrating their tenth year in the world of off-kilter dance music as Toob, Rich Thair and Jakeone are back in the limelight. With various gigs and DJ sets across Europe, the boys are clocking up the airmiles nicely. Check out -and download- their DJ set at Cicade PreOcupada Portugal on the Pulse Radio website (Click here).

The first remix of "Chromaphon" comes from Merseyside-born, but now Brixton-based producer Point B, who re-worked the track in true Point B style with a very heavy bassline. Proper sub-woofer required to enjoy this one to the max!

Two further remixes come from Radioactive Man, the alter-ego of Keith Tenniswood (who was also Andrew Weatherall's partner in Two Lone Swordsmen). His "Full Spektrum Remix" is the full-blown version, whilst his "Black and White Remix" strips things back quite a bit into a much more minimal version.


Written and Performed by Toob
Toob are Jake Williams and Richard Thair
Mastered by Finyl Tweek
Published by Musiqware Ltd
(P)(C)2011 Process Recordings (Musiqware Ltd)
Distributed by Musiqware Ltd

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"Loving the Full Spectrum mix. Like nothing else i've heard this week, or maybe even month. wicked!" - Tom Findlay (Groove Armada)

"Radioactive man mixes are on point.. will be dropping." - Arveene

"Great to hear some new Radioactive Man!!! Ace, Love it." - Matt Walsh (Clouded Vision)

"Loving all three mixes.. melodic and hypnotic bass driven floor fillers.." - Mick Chillage (XFM Dublin)

"Serious beats here mate!" - James Trystan (Filth & Splendour)

"Totally up my alley" - Olibusta

"Lovin' the Point B remix!" - Fine Cut Bodies

"Nice one... The Radioactive Man remixes sound really fun too! thanks!" - Hrdvsion

"I like Point B remix. Will support" - Josef Sedloň (Radio 1 Prague)

"Very nice Jake you handsome devil x" - Bon Lyford

"Loving the original version and these mixes are cool too. Probably go for the Radioactive man mix. Great to see him back on form" - Mash

"Been waiting for this one for ages, Superb package, All the remixes are of the highest quality, They all in the bag and I'll be charting this Radioactive Man full spectrum mix!" - Quin.C

"Yes! Good stuff. Can't wait to get em on my radio show." - Tim 'Love' Lee

"Fantastic left of center stuff... The Point B remix takes the tune way out into Left Field and doesn't come back." - Paul Zimmerman (The POP! Stereo)

"Some cool beats in here." - Derek Howell

"Loving the Point B mix. Full Spectrum mix is also sounding very nice" - Al Mackenzie (D:Ream)

"These are all great... Radioactive Man is great. Loving the squelchy basslines!" - Boom Merchant

"Point B!" - Makossa (ÖRF)

"Radioactive Man v Toob - a match made in heaven. Love all 3 mixes though." - Woos

"Radioactive Man's Full Spectrum Remix is good work! Sounds Great!" - Lars Wickinger

"Cool Radioactive Man mixes" - Roy Dank (Beg to Differ)

"Groovy and .. dirty! Radioactive Man's Remixes rock!" - DJ Unu

"Whoa!?! What is this lovely number?" - Jasper Gape (Nerdy Frames)

"Nice, fresh groovy schizzle... All 3 are cool... Point B grabs me in particular..." - Moodymanc

"Great bassy electro on all 3 mixes. Sure to get a dancefloor movin. Radioactive Man's mixes range from funky to dark. A quality package." - Dave Noonan (Sirenium)

"Nice mixes all round!" - General Midi

"Chromaphon was of course my fave track of the past 12" and the electro touch of Radioactive Man can't do no wrong with the track" - Cosmo Vitelli

"Love The Snare, Radioactive man for me. I'm well behind Toob" - Paul Lyman

"Radioactive man for me, Love both versions! Will be playing for sure!" - Paul Loraine

"Dark and acid stuff. Like it. Will play," - Animaltek

"Radioactive Man's Spectrum Remix for me" - Brendon Collins (Summer / Tulipa Recordings)

"The Black & White remix is just wicked!!" - Debector

"Both RadioActive mixes are good and will support" - Jason Pepperell

"Full Spectrum mix is cool here. Some great sounds in this!" - Sasha Le Monnier

"Full Spectrum mix is awesome" - Chris Rayner (Inhale)

"Three monstrous remixes. The Point B is hard to resist, while Tenniswood's more minimal mix is powerful" - Mark Kavanagh (Spin 103.8 FM / Irish Daily Star)

"Big fun of Tennison and Point B since a long time now, since the haywire years... Top stuff." - Ekkohaus

"Like this! Will try all 3 versions!" - Nuno Dos Santos

"Really liking the Radioactive Man remixes on this. Defintely going to try the Black and White remix out." - David Morris (Boy 8-Bit)

"Loving the Black and White remix but all three are wicked. Will be playing out and on the radio." - Luke Handsfree