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"The Rejection"
Corrugated Tunnel
Release Date: 11 Jul 2011

Corrugated Tunnel's album project "Minor Obsessions" started off last year with the release of "Remedy For My Soul", graced by the wonderfully soulful voice of Antoinette. The album was received very well, and so were the further singles with remixes from Norman Nodge, Orlando Voorn, Donnacha Costello and Chymera.

It's now time to round off this album with a final single "The Rejection", which again features Antoinette, and has an equally impressive set of remixes. For the first remix we travel to The Hague in the Netherlands, home town of Process' label maestro Herman, but more importantly also that of Legowelt. Danny's "Casio RZ1 Old School Remix" turns the track into an up-tempo Italian-disco-meets-Chicago track, which rocks on somewhere between Moroder and Rebotini.

For the second remix we travel to Cork, home town of Tunnel man Edwin James himself, but also of Fish Go Deep. Greg and Shane dedicate their remix to the legendary Sir Henry's club in Cork, where they started their career back in 1992.

Instrumentals of the original, and of the Fish Go Deep remix are part of the package, as is the Accapella (but not in this promo package).

Also watch out for Edwin's remix of D:ream's new single "Sleepy Head", due for release this Summer.


All Music Written and Produced by Edwin James Cummins
Lyrics Written and Performed by Antoinette Dunleavy
Additional Production on Track 2 by Danny Wolfers (Legowelt)
Additional Production on Tracks 3 and 5 by Greg Dowling and Shane Johnson
Mastered by Shawn Joseph at Optimum Mastering
Published by Musiqware Ltd
(P)(C)2011 Process Recordings (Musiqware Ltd)
Distributed by Musiqware Ltd

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"Fish go deep remix is great.10/10 " - James Trystan (Filth & Splendour)

"This is a pure bomb. Love Edwin's tracks as always, one of my favourite producers" - Francesco Bonora (Abstract Theory)

"Legowelt mix is COOL! Damn old skool. FGD mixes are lovely too. VIBEZ! Round-Up support" - Ben Gomori (Data Transmission)

"Woah, love all tracks! Full support !!!" - Tarlouf X (BTRAX Records)

"The Legowelt mix is awesome as usual. Will play" - Hardrock Striker

"HUGE TRACK!!!! Love the FGD dub as well as the Legowelt remix for more sinister moments. 9/10. " - Mr. A (Danceteria Helsinki)

"Loving all the mixes on this, vocal is great too but opting for FGD Dub! Keep them coming!" - Christian Homan (RTÉ Pulse)

"Instrumental and Legowelts, will try these. thanks" - Sasha Le Monnier

"Been banging the original for months now, still has to be that one for me or Legowelt's Casio RZ1 Old School Remix" - Paul Lyman

"Awesome vocal stuff here. Love Antoinette's voclas. Love the original mix (which is almost old school in and of itself) and the Fish Go Deep Remix. Totally brilliant tunes." - Paul Zimmerman (The POP! Stereo)

"Excellent remix package, Love the tribute-homage feel to each track, and the production on the original is really hefty, very modern, great stuff all round" - Gavin Paisley (Hot Press - Dublin)

"Liking Legowelt's RZ1 mix." - Steve Mac

"Legowelt mix is the one for me." - Damon Martin (Disco Bloodbath)

"Magic Dub from Greg and Shane...Thank you Mr Ed. Xx" - Martin McCann

"The one for me is Legowelt's remix. Simply outstanding! Fish go Deep's Sir Henry's '92 Dub is also great!" - Marco Rodrigues (Photonz)

"Original and Legowelt remix are bombs, and Antoinette's voice just fits perfectly to the mood." - Debector (Phosphène)

"Crazy groovy stuff! Favorites are definitly the original & Legowelt remix. Lovely Collaboration between Edwin & Antoinette!" - DJ Unu (Darek Recordings / Electrone)

"Love It... The Rejection (Fish Go Deep's Sir Henry's '92 Remix) for me!" - Littlefive (

"The Logowelt mix is great!" - Dan Curtin