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"Chromaphon EP"
Release Date: 13 Jun 2011

TOOB! We love them. The first-ever album release on Process Recordings was their "Push Me, Pull You" in late 2008, and was accompanied by a series of singles: "Clipto", "Skinbox", "Dervish Angel" and the "Reshapes 01" EP. Rave reviews for all of them, radio around Europe went mad with them, DJs from Andrew Weatherall to Don Letts played them, but the highlight for Rich and Jake was when their "Offset (Swamp Mix)" featured prominently in the hit US TV show CSI: Crime Scene Investigations.

Rich Thair has been busy drumming away for the new Red Snapper album (and now tour), whilst Jakeone has been spreading his bleeps and beats into various projects, including his "Stingrays EP" on Process and working with Tokyo's brilliantly eccentric Coppe Sweetrice. Meanwhile... stems and mixes were shuttling back and forth between rural Wales and manic London, and new TOOB tracks started to appear. We now proudly present you the first four of them in the shape of the brand new "Chromaphon EP", due out in Summer 2011. And to celebrate this release the two chaps will be delivering some very special DJ sets at selected night-spots around Europe.

"Chromaphon", "Wavaphon", "Rotating Road" and "Harmonic Ping" are a entirely logical progression from the last album, merging the electronic with the organic, delivering the unique sound of... TOOB!


Written and Performed by Toob
Toob are Jake Williams and Richard Thair
Mastered by Finyl Tweek
Published by Musiqware Ltd
(P)(C)2011 Process Recordings (Musiqware Ltd)
Distributed by Musiqware Ltd

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"Deeply emotive electronica, lush and richly displays a sonic sound field cracking with live!" - Grant Paterson (The Guide - Edinburgh)

"Great EP, kind of electronica weird and futuristic vision..." - Ludovic Rambaud (Only For DJ's)

"Chromaphon. I danced, bobbed and wiggled a bit. Till the hip gave in." - Simon Foundsounds

"Great release! Love all the tracks, Will play Chromaphon," - DJ Earthian (Animaltek)

"Very cool and original release. Will definitely play. Cheers!" - Olibusta

"Excellent stuff! Rather bonkers and totally up my tree! I like all the tracks in here, very special!" - DJ Morpheus (Radio Campus - Brussels)

"Love Rotating Head, Will play that on the radio for sure." - Tim 'Love' Lee

"Finally! Great to have some new material. And it's great too. Love "Wavaphon"" - Matt Bleep

"I like Wavaphone and Rotating Road, Will support" - Josef Sedloň (Radio 1 Prague)

"HUGE release!!! Thanks for the music!" - Franco Bianco

"I like a lot" - General Midi

"Chromaphon is very nice, driving, funky etc. Really like the electronotelectro of Wavaphon too," - Bill Brewster (DJ History)

"Nice tracks... Techno with a cinematic feel.. Always a fine of Richard's and Toob is no exception." - Arveene

"Toob return triumphant - a wonderful collection of new beats with an old school flavour, particularly on wavaphon." - Rob Roussel

"The funk of Rotating Road is the one for me." - Pete Morton (

"Chromaphon is a bomb!" - Tarlouf X (BTRAX Records)

"Amazing Release! Deep, Sweet and Melodious... Wavaphon and Rotating Road are my favourites." - DJ Unu (Darek Recordings / Electrone)

"Fucking brilliant. Sharp, smart and hugely exciting and emotive electronic wonderfology" - DJ Toby Kidd

"LOVE. Rotating Road will be getting a lot of playtime." - T-Haus

"Highly inventive and detailed productions - Radio play for sure!" - Nick Luscombe (Flomotion Radio)

"Really love this EP! Full support!" - Biscuit Reality / Fine Cut Bodies

"What can I say about Toob? The sound is a middle ground between shpongle/ott and Quality techno, production is faultless and they are one of few outfits than can do Glitchy without sound f*cking annoying... Nice!" - Sean Holland (Fiftypointfour Recordings)

"Great. Fluid electronica. Love it!" - The Cheese Detective

"Excellent EP. Hard to pick a fav but I think for me Wavaphon takes it, just. Hope to hear more from Toob soon. Outstanding stuff" - Oliver Way aka Mr O

"Damn good as always!" - Moist