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"Gorilla EP"
Boom Merchant
Release Date: 16 May 2011

Born in Ireland, raised in Spain, and currently residing in Glasgow (Scotland), Kyle Thomson had a multicultural upbringing. From a young age he benefited from a musical education, both in and out of school, but it wasn't until after a chance encounter with some deep, hypnotic sounds in his teens that his true 'musical education' began. Exploring all sorts of weird, futuristic sounds, he particularly loved the building house tracks put out by labels like Hooj Choons and made by artists like Danny Howells and Spirit Catcher, as well as the Detroit techno and electro sounds associated with the Belleville Three, Underground Resistance, Plastikman, etc.

His love of ambient soundscapes and harsh, pounding rhythms quickly became an obsession, and that obsession gradually developed into a desire to make his own. Like many of his heroes before him, he took the time to learn how to use machines and electronics to express feelings and tell stories through sound. The aim was simple: Use experiences from the past and emotions from the present to create music for the future. Somewhere along the line, Boom Merchant was born.

Various influences have come together to shape the Boom Merchant sound: Raw acid house and blissed out Balearic vibes combine with London bass music and stripped-down funk to create a unique, fresh sound.

Following initial outings on Onepush and Coincidence, and a mini-album on Patpong Records, Boom Merchant is about to release his first EP on Process Recordings. Three tracks and a dub version make up the Gorilla EP. Title track Gorilla features pulsating beats with a soulful melody, joined later by haunting synths. Elephant's Graveyard goes down a deeper and trippier path that must have been filled with little zombie elephants. Third track Empty leans a bit more to the breaks side whilst fitting equally well into a melodic house set. The package is completed by Boom Merchant's own Twilight Dub of title track Gorilla.

Boom Merchant has new live and studio projects in the pipeline, and more releases lined up with Process and various other labels. Meanwhile, also check out Boom Merchant's angry psycho alter ego Tribal Pulse on SoundCloud:


Written and Produced by Kyle Thompson
Mastered by Shawn Joseph at Optimum Mastering
Published by Musiqware Ltd
(P)(C)2011 Process Recordings (Musiqware Ltd)
Distributed by Musiqware Ltd

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"Absolutely AMAZING. Not a duff track here. The Gorilla original mix is blindingly good. Elephant Graveyard is a depressing title, but a great tune and Empty is so deep I can see China through it. Top quality here." - Paul Zimmerman (The POP! Stereo)

"Elephant's Graveyard for me." - Pete Morton (

"Nice music - especially tracks 2 and 4." - Dave Mothersole (Proton Radio)

"Deep, Sweet " - DJ Unu

"An absolutely wicked EP " - Martin Lampitt (RadioReverb)

"Love the Elephant's Graveyard mood" - Debector (Phosphène)

"Love the "Gorilla" (BM's Twilight Dub). "Empty" is a very effective track to be blended in a spiritual DJ set. Cheers." - Manuel Perez

"Empty s hot - I'll play it" - Advokkat (Groove Is In The House)

"Empty is the one for me here, great package!" - Filth & Splendour

"Like the deep groovy sound to Empty. Thanks for sending over!" - Sasha Le Monnier

"Good work, love the track names" - Joe Gardner (Somethin' Else)

"Cool tracks. Digging the vibe on Empty." - Mitch Davis (Electric Sheep Recordings)

"Quality production throughout this package." - Raymundo Rodriguez (Jaded)

"Nice EP!, I like the original version of "Gorilla"!" - Paul Nova (Power DJs)

"Forward-thinking grooves" - Russell Deeks (iDJ)

"Adore the title track with its sweet deep vibes and haunting little melodies." - Anji Bee (The Chillcast)

"Gorilla is a stunning little number, full support from Barcelona" - Paul Loraine