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Corrugated Tunnel
Release Date: 28 Mar 2011
Confirmed airplay from Ben Watt (17 Feb), John Digweed (18 Mar), Paul Hamill (05 Feb, 12 Feb, 19 Feb), Estroe (11 Mar), Dave Mothersole (20 Mar), and more...

"Transist" is the closing track from Corrugated Tunnel's critically-acclaimed third album "Minor Obsessions", released on Process Recordings late last year. It will now be released as the third single from the album, with remixes by three prominent Irish DJ/Producers.

First up is Minimise label founder and owner Donnacha Costello, delivering a completely reworked track that transcends genres from Techno to Deep House. Chymera, who has been very prolific in 2010 with releases on prestigious labels such as Cocoon and Connaisseur, stays closer to the original but moves it more into dancefloor territory. The third remix is from Mark O'Sullivan, who has been a regular contributor on Process Recordings as a solo producer (Check out his 2009 release "Relapse"), as a remixer and as part of DK7. Mark adds a haunting vocal sample for his "Bliss Mix".

The original album version completes this all-Irish affair for "Transist", released on vinyl and digital.


All music Written and Produced by Edwin James Cummins
Track 1: Additional Production by Donnacha Costello
Track 2: Additional Production by Brendan Gregoriy
Track 3: Additional Production by Mark O'Sullivan
Mastered by Shawn Joseph at Optimum Mastering
All tracks published by Musiqware Ltd
(P)(C) 2010 Process Recordings (Musiqware Ltd)
Digital Distribution by Musiqware Ltd
Vinyl Distribution by N.E.W.S. NV

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"Really into the all the mixes on Transist. Quality techno with thought and soul. Big support." - Ashley Beedle (Darkstarr / Out Hear Audio)

"Sounds awesome, will support!!!" - Danny Howells

"Dope!! i really dig the Donnacha Costello original" - Orlando Voorn

"Looove the Chymera mix" - Laurent Garnier

"All the mixes are great, but I really love the DC version. Gonna road test it at Shine this weekend. Full support on the wireless too. Four superb Irish talents on this release." - Psycatron

"Donnacha and Chymera mixes for me" - Chris Fortier

"The original is my sort of thing. Great." - Colin John (Techno Therapy / PointBlank.FM)

"Fan, Bomb. Review and more on Trax magazine " - Bruno Girard (TRAX Magazine)

"I dig the Chymera mix, as with everything from him at the moment. Donnacha's mix is ace to." - Parham (Fokused Recordings)

"Another cool release - Great remixes too - Playing" - Orde Meikle (Slam)

"All mixes are quality. One of the best IRISH releases ever! Donnacha Remix is the one for me." - Desy Balmer (Nice & Nasty / Dublin Xpress)

"A pleasant slab of deep tech" - Russell Deeks (iDJ)

"Donnacha Costello Remix is the bomb... Pretty In demand producer at the moment... really nice work here" - Harry Avers (Noice! / Proton Radio)

"Good rmxs - Chymera is my fave." - Martin Böttcher (Byte FM)

"Like all 4 mixes - which tbh is unusual. Great stuff. Thanks" - Dave Mothersole (Proton Radio)

"Great package. I like original and also all remixes are amazing." - Josef Sedloň (Radio 1 Prague)

"DC and Chymera's mixes are both quality as expected." - Danny Graham (Tokio Recordings)

"It's the Bliss mix for me!" - Alexander Theory (Kiss FM Melbourne)

"I'm really into the original and the Chymera mix." - Estroe

"Liking the original best. Really ccol and lovely" - Graham Gold (Kiss 100)

"Great release here, all mixes are very tasty. Will chart. 9/10" - Mitch Davis (Electric Sheep Recordings)

"Chymera remix is the one for me" - Timo Garcia

"Fantastic package" - Chris Woodward (Buzzin' Fly)

"The Chymera Remix of Transist is fantastic. Supporting!" - John De La Mora

"Chymera does a vey nice job again!" - Michel De Hey

"Chymera remix - wow" - Mr Henry Von

"Brilliant Chymera remix " - Clement Meyer (Get The Curse)

"Yes this is very promising..." - Omid 16B (SexOnWax / MoS)

"Donnacha Costello Remix is the one for me at [KONTROL]" - Nikola Baytala

"Corrugated tunnel is the man. Love his stuff. And this time also with great great remixers! Totally into this one" - Francesco Bonora (Abstract Theory)

"Original and Chymera mix are gorgeous" - Mark Sun

"Chymera Remix is totally TOP NOTCH!.. Love it :) Also really diggin the Original, what lovely sounds here! Charting both version is my March RA charts" - Sasha Le Monnier

"Brilliant tune! Original is really great and all mixes are dope!" - Manuel Perez

"Brilliant. After sifting through a stack of shite promos, it's great when a gem is found - and even more so when there are two great remixes ! Love Donnacha and Chymera's mixes. Full support from me on my GU radio show." - Stu Hirst (CR2 / Global Underground)

"Beautiful stuff." - Chris Rayner (Inhale)

"Amazing Track!!" - Chris Udoh

"Thanx a lot!!! I'll try out this one!!" - Abyss (Buzzin' Fly)

"Cracking bunch of remixes, especially Donnacha Costello's. Will be playing loud." - Shane Johnson (Fish Go Deep)

"Great EP. Original is my favourite." - Alex Parsons

"I'm enjoying the melodic deep tech-house feel throughout. Chymera Remix is lovely." - Q-Burns Abstract Message

"Love the Donnacha Costello mix. Thanks!" - Tiga

"Original and Donnacha Costello Remix are my kinda groove. Love this." - Kath Harding (Wish)

"Now this is awesome! Will play Donnacha Costello remix!" - Paul Loraine

"I am a huge Corrugated fan .. one of the most under-rated artists in the techno scene IMO. Another killer release, I will play, chart, support. " - Rennie Foster

"Loving the EP, especially the Chymera and Costello mixes." - Simon Langham