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"Départ EP"
Release Date: 04 Oct 2010

The internet is an amazing place. Yannick Deglin and Jean-Baptiste Lapeyre met through a music forum on the net, back in 2001. Yannick lives in Strasbourg, whilst Jean-Baptiste lives in Paris. Through the net, they discussed their passion for electronic music for years without actually meeting face-to-face. Both of them have a love for bewitching melodies, worship ultra-synthetic loops and groovy beats, and adore melancholic and dark atmospheres.

Both had been producing their own music since the early nineties. When they eventually did meet in real life, the decided to combine their efforts and formed SQware. Their strength is in being complementary. When one of them generally prefers working on the rhythmic part and on the structure of a track, the other one focuses more on melodies and basslines. By sending their pieces back and forth between Paris and Strasbourg, they created track after track, slowly forging their own style. They started with downtempo pieces, then had an electro-tech period, and eventually reached the banks of a more minimalist but melodic style, but with occasional incursions into breakbeat and techno-pop. Their musical works are the result of their wide range of tastes, which include the whole electronic spectrum but also other musical families such as jazz, hip-hop, and movie soundtracks.

Their first EP "SQueeze It To The Last Drop" was released on German label Broque in 2008, and their track "Hyde" was included on Broque's "Minikollektion" compilation last June. Now Process Recordings present their "Départ EP", with four new tracks plus one remix. "Départ", "Short Room", "1987" and "Kaese" are almost a mini-album in their own right, with their combined length of over 34 minutes. The remix of "1987" comes from fellow frenchman Hybu, who has had releases and remixes on Resofantom, G Point and Nukod.

More releases from this talented duo will follow in 2011.


Written and Produced by Jean-Baptiste Lapeyre and Yannick Deglin
Additional Production on Track 5 by Etienne Gimenez-Fauvety
Mastered by Shawn Joseph at Optimum Mastering
Published by Musiqware Ltd
(C)(P)2010 Process Recordings (Musiqware Ltd)

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"Cool trax - Will play" - Orde Meikle (Slam)

"Really like DEPART. Will play this a lot" - Laurent Garnier

"This is a really refreshing sound. Depart is a killer track" - Corrugated Tunnel

"Like it. Départ is really good" - Benoît Carretier (Tsugi)

"Loving this EP, Totally scrapes the back of my skull and refills it with glowing pulsating tech bugs zipping and zapping the nerve endings in my head. Kind of like licking stardust with your brain..." - Grant Paterson (Edinburgh Evening News)

"Excellent EP!! I love the old skool influences in these tracks. Départ and Short Room are definetely my favs, awsome atmosphere." - Debector

"My money is being placed on "Depart" - pretty cool kicking stuff!" - Simon Spacerock (Space Dust)

"The whole EP is sounds great. 'Short Room' in particular is wicked." - Rob Warner (Our House Magazine)

"Depart for Me... Support!!!!" - Dyno

"Really feeling 1987 and the Hypu Dub of 1987! Will gladly support." - Anji Bee (The Chillcast)

"Hybu Dub is amazing!!" - Luciano Benz

"Depart for me. I can see why Laurent Garnier likes this one. :)" - Pete M (

"Love Depart and the EP on the whole is colourful and mystical in a unique way. Short Room reminds me of some early Sylvian and Sakamoto work. Wonderful." - Mark Kavanagh (Spin 103.8 FM / Irish Daily Star)

"Cool machine funk. 1987 (Hybu Dub) and Kaese are my faves. 8/10" - Mitch Davis (Electric Sheep Recordings)

"Cool trax! All my taste will play it. Techno is real!" - Christereo (Dinamo 103.8 FM - Turkey)

"2 favourites: Depart & Short Room. Freaky Techno, it rocks ;)" - DJ Unu

"Terminators ATTACK!!! This is robotic violence that sounds like it should be the soundtrack to Quake or Halo or something. Dark, brutal stuff that has pounded itself into my skull. Depart is amazing." - Paul Zimmerman (The POP! Stereo)

"Interesting mix of music - Depart is fantastic - very surprising " - Salvador Guzman (

"Depart: Killer Track!" - Martin Böttcher (Byte FM)

"Nice one!!!" - Dr. Zoldberg (

"1987 is my fav" - Lewis Ryder

"Yes yes for Depart... Future sounds" - Justin Robertson

"All round good EP, will definitely play. Kaese and Depart are the ones for me." - Steve Boardman

"1987 (Hybu Dub) rocks!!!! Will play in next radio show! Great tune with timeless character..." - Christian Weiland

""1987" is my top tune of the week. "Départ" sounds very promising too floorwise. Will support. Cheers." - Manuel Perez

"Depart is the one i like, very intense atmosphere, will play this one." - Phuture Traxx

"Depart is a great tune! Will do well!" - DJ Felipe

"Hybu dub is a wonderful dubbed and blissed out journey. Will support" - Adam Fogarty (RTÉ Pulse)

"Cool Cool Tracks !!!!" - Chris Udoh

"I like this realease! Sounds good to me!" - Arnaud Rebotini

"Really feeling 1987 and Depart on this EP. Two distinct moods across the package but a great feel throughout." - Djamel (RTÉ Pulse)

"Really like "Kaese" and the main track, quirky disco-techno. Will definately try them out!" - Matt Walsh

"Definitely a couple of winners here!" - Oli Cassidy (Filth & Splendour / Itch Records)

"Départ is wicked! Will play it a lot!!" - Ignacio (

"Nice release... Especially like the Hybu dub" - Harry Avers (Noice! / Proton Radio)

"Really digging Short Room!" - Generik

"I lovit! very much." - Yuval Dor

""Depart" is the one for me" - Tarlouf X (BTRAX Records)

"Loving the vibe on Kaese, Good work." - Aby Wojcik (Suite 101)

"Kaese is cool" - Stuart Millar (RTÉ Pulse)