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"Nocturne - Part 2"
Release Date: 05 Jul 2010

Filterwolf's debut album Music From Tomorrow has been received very well for its fast-paced electronica with reminiscence of Kraftwerk and Carl Craig, combined with sampled oriental and middle-eastern Burial-esque vocals. The lead single Nocturne, with its initial remixes by Bodycode, Corrugated Tunnel and Olibusta got airplay from Huw Stephens (BBC Radio One), Eddy Temple-Morris (XFM London), Paul Hamill (BBC Radio Ulster), Alexander Theory (Kiss FM Melbourne), Dave Mothersole (Proton Radio) and on Berlin's BLN.FM.

DJ Rob Warner in New Zealand issued a "Total Bomb Alert" for the single Nocturne, whilst Michael Stukes from WHCR called it "Pretty fuckin' daring and amazing". Hrdvsion called it "Pretty booty melodic hump" and the Bodycode remix of Nocturne was featured on XLR8R, Happy Please and the Anji Bee Chillcast. The entire Get The Curse crew from Paris got behind Olibusta's excellent remix of the track. And it inspired Munich's Koto Kodama to create a sexy video around Nocturne.

Now it's time for the second set of remixes, each of which gives a very different direction to Nocturne. First up is dub KULT, the man who released Filterwolf's very first release on his Living Records label. He has been somewhat quiet recently, but his Nocturne remix is as deep as we would expect from him.

The second remix is by Partikel from Zürich in Switzerland, who released his debut EP on Plexo Solar last year. This slowed down version, with lots of unusual instrumentation, is strongly aimed at the back room and after-parties. Then it's Argentinian Luciano Benz's turn, who turns the track into a fantastic latin american salsa monster. And closing the ranks is Obsidian from California with a mega Drum-and-Bass remix.


Written and Produced by Adnan Duric
Published by Musiqware Ltd
(P)(C) 2010 Process Recordings (Musiqware Ltd)

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"Nice reworks! Like Partikel and Luciano Benz remix will play!" - Animaltek

"Lovin the Partikel mix" - George Demure

"Partikels mix is very strong. I really like this. It's been charted" - Corrugated Tunnel

"dubKULT remix has twisted this bad boy on to another level" - James Trystan (Filth & Splendour)

"I'm really into this release, the Dubkult remix is my choice, quality tech, trippy vocal samples add the deep and dark atmos." - Grant Paterson (Edinburgh Evening News)

"Liking the Partikel remix, interesting stuff indeed" - James Teej (Rekids)

"Cool remixes - supporter of Mr Filterwolf - playing" - Orde Meikle (Slam)

"Thanks, Partikel remix is great, full support from me on this, class label!" - Paul Loraine

"Luciano Benz mix will surely burn down clubs." - Mason

"The Luciano Benz remix is well wicked." - Rob Warner (Our House Mag)

"Luciano Benz remix is the best though am liking the DnB mix" - Dave Irvine (Prehab Recordings)

"Partikel RMX rox!!" - Yuval Dor

"Another excelent release from Process. Obsidian is great I love his DnB mix. The vocals are really cool. Loving the original best of all." - Jonny Hart (Sunny Govan Radio 103.5FM)

"Partikel rx sounds nice to me, will try out" - Makossa (ÖRF)

"Waw... this release is for sure not more than same. All mixes are AMAZING! My favs are Luciano and Partikel." - Franco Bianco (Hypercolour, Multivitamins, Dilek Records)

"Obsidian remix is a BEAST! Will defo support..." - Adam Fogarty (RTÉ Pulse Radio)

"Diggin' the dubKULT remix." - Andrew Duke (Uzuri/Nice & Nasty/Open Concept)

"Luciano benz for me" - Bias (Factomania)

"The deep tech vibe is really rockin...full support" - Phil Turnipseed (DJ Times)

"Partikel, and Luciano benz remixes are great... gotta say LOVING THE ALBUM!!!! really really great" - Mike Kelly

"Good collection of Mixes. Luciano Benz mix has a cracking intro and does it for me. Lovin the Drum and Bass mix too." - Desy Balmer (Nice & Nasty / Dublin Xpress)

"dubKult followed by Luciano mix for us - ta!" - Simon Foundsounds (DJ Magazine)

"Liking the dubkult mix" - Tom Findlay (Groove Armada)

"Luciano Benz's remix is big! Love the drums and oriental vibe of tune!" - Van Beat (

"Luciano Benz Remix will be the one to work for me. Great use of the drum roll and a really nice groove. Support!" - Dave Cronin (RTE Pulse Radio)

"dubKULT Remix is interesting spacey stuff!" - Flash Brothers

"Nice EP. Great sounds" - Alkan (Android Muziq)

"the partikel remix sounds really nice" - Marcus James (Renaissance Recordings)

"Wow what a great release....all track are perfect Partikel mix is the one for me..10/10" - Aubrey

"The dubKult Remix for me here. Cool stuff. Thanks" - The Timewriter

"Partikel remix is solid." - Brighton (Freefloating Music)

"Luciano Benz Mix gets the nod from me , lp version pretty hot too!" - Chris Udoh

"Solid release, dig the Luciano Benz remix." - Andy Bach (Young Society Rec)

"Original is very good, Partikel remix is sick. Full suport from me!" - dPen (Danceradio Greece)

"Dubkult remix works very nice for me." - Kazuumi Ishii (Electronic Directory)

"Obsidian DnB Mix For Me....Support!!!!!!" - Dyno (Hell Yeah / 1605 / Bush / GU)

"The Obsidian rmx is a blast!" - Ton van Hoof (Moerdijk FM / KX Radio)

"Love the Partikel remix and the Obsidian take is huge!!" - Alexander Theory (Kiss FM Melbourne)

"Really feeling the DubKult and the album versions. The partikel remix is reserved for the club, early hours of the morn. Nice always lol" - Colin John

"A must have track, Luciano Benz mix makes sure of that. gREaT stuff!!" - Christian Pandonis (A Big Night Out)

"Fan of the filterwolf stuff really... truly original... Like the partikel rx." - Ivan Smagghe

"dubKULT Remix is hot" - Lewis Ryder

"Partikel mix strongest for me." - Rocky (X-Press 2)

"dubKult mix for me here! nice unique vibe!" - Kevin Fine Cut Bodies

"Yo, Big up to a very heavy release. All tracks sounding nicely produced and all interesting. My favourite is the DubKult version. I will play it on my Sub fm show tonight!" - Alex Deadman (Atmosphere Magazine)

"Like the original and the Partikel..." - Arveene Juthan (Spin 103.8fm)

"Luciano Benz Mix is perfect!" - Martin Böttcher (Byte FM)

"Partikel's mix for me. Thanks" - Alex Parsons

"Very cool to see a d-n-b mix in with the other tech remixes. Will be using the d-n-b mix on the radio show and the dubKULT and Luciano Benz remixes in some of my other sets." - DJ Tronic (DanceFloor Mayhem / KBOO)