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"Music From Tomorrow"
Release Date: 10 May 2010

With radio plays from Huw Stephens (BBC Radio One), Eddy Temple-Morris (XFM London), Paul Hamill (BBC Radio Ulster), Alexander Theory (Kiss FM Melbourne), Dave Mothersole (Proton Radio) and on Berlin's BLN.FM, Filterwolf's mixture of styles and ideas of the past, present and future is rapidly gaining momentum. Fast-paced electronica with reminiscence of Kraftwerk and Carl Craig is combined with sampled oriental and middle-eastern Burial-esque vocals to create Music From Tomorrow, Filterwolf's debut album for Process Recordings.

DJ Rob Warner in New Zealand issued a "Total Bomb Alert" for the single Nocturne, whilst Michael Stukes from WHCR called it "Pretty fuckin' daring and amazing". Hrdvsion called it "Pretty booty melodic hump" and the Bodycode remix of Nocturne was featured on XLR8R, Happy Please and the Anji Bee Chillcast. The entire Get The Curse crew from Paris got behind Olibusta's excellent remix of the track. And it inspired Munich's Koto Kodama to create a sexy video around Nocturne.

The album already got rave reviews from Raveline, IDJ, Mixmag and Our House Magazine, with more reviews still to follow. More remixes are being worked on by King Roc, dub KULT, October, Luciano Benz, Randall Jones and various others.

From his first release South Disco on dubKULT's label Living Records (with remixes by Hrdvsion and Tigerskin), Bosnian-born, but now Munich-resident, Adnan Duric has thrown out the cliches of techno and pulled in a wide diversity of tonal sensibility and intensity. The result is an album with techno like we have never heard before. Music From Tomorrow is a stunning and visionary album that stands out from the crowds and will be remembered as many more tomorrows unfold.


Written and Produced by Adnan Duric
Mastered by DKS at Finyl Tweek
Published by Musiqware Ltd
(P)(C)2010 Process Recordings (Musiqware Ltd)
Distributed by Musiqware Ltd

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"Awesome album, will give this a very good listen to. " - Oli Cassidy (Filth & Splendour)

"Very cool album.." - Corrugated Tunnel

"Very nice mixture of sounds, ganna have a listen as a whole" - Hannah Holland

"Pretty booty melodic hump" - Hrdvsion

"Awesome album!" - October (Caravan / Misercord)

"Great album." - Tom Findlay (Groove Armada)

"Some top stuff!" - Tom Novy

"This is a very tidy album indeed" - Paul Loraine

"Cool set of trax - been playing the Corrugated Tunnel remix of the single - like this" - Orde Meikle (Slam)

"Nice concept album here... Great production!" - Richard Wakley (Spektre)

"'Nocturne' is one of the most stand-out releases of 2010 so far and the whole album here seems to keep to the same level of originality and dance floor quality!" - Rob Warner (Our House Magazine)

"Twisted!!! likin it" - Gaz James (Definitive Recs)

"This is an amazing album! "Terra Tech" is a super fun tune." - Obsidian

"Really interesting and intriguing album here. Acrobat stands out for me - good stuff." - Mr Henry Von

"Some very nice sounds, definitely an album to listen to from start to finish." - Raymundo Rodriguez

"I like most of the tracks in here, it reminds my of some stuff from the past but taken somewhere else now. Excellent album!" - DJ Morpheus

"Excellent album. I loved the mood inside. Very middle east and very european. My taste." - Christopher Çolak (Dinamo 103.8 FM)

"Sexy clip, hopefully the album is as dirty" - Mark Dynamix

"Great LP!! Process always delivers good stuff!! " - StereoK

"Waited so loong for this Album, great stuff" - Erwin Kelemen (Plastic Lounge)

"Very cool - different - some classics on this - fantastic " - Salvador Guzman (

"Cool stuff!" - Nico De Ceglia

"Been playing Nocturne so looking forward to getting stuck into this collection" - Martin Lampitt (RadioReverb)

"Sofia is dope!!! 100%worldwide play from me." - Randall Jones

"I love nocturne and viva, two class action tunes" - The Model

"How could this be bad? Loving Sofia quite a bit, and Acrobat as well. Zeromancer needs to find itself a movie to be part of... kick Daft Punk out and let this track be in Tron somewhere. Awesome stuff." - Paul Zimmerman (The POP! Stereo)

"WOW i'm loving this!! Frequency of Eden is definitely finding a way into my next set! Gonna have to give this album a good listen from start to finish!" - Rosco (Catzmuzik)

"I think Filterwolf has mad a great step towards international stardom. Maximum Respect." - Colin John

"An interesting and forward-thinking album - excellent work! Especially loving Soul of A Machine." - Aby Wojcik (

""Terra Tech" is my pick on this long player. "Zeromancer" is pretty cool too. About "Nocturne" Andrew Blake style video... Loox good :-)" - Manuel Perez

"Tomorrow's music today" - Martin Raybould (Whisperin' & Hollerin')

"Cool Album. Will load Terratech into my set for tonight." - Jonny Hart Digital (Sunny Govan Radio 103.5FM - Glasgow)

"The soundtrack of the summer. Definitely a lot of airplay @ basslab for at least 7 tracks." - Ton van Hoof (Moerdijk FM / KX Radio)

"Intriguing blend of world beat and minimal tech with a very trance-inducing, booty shaking vibe." - Anji Bee (The Chillcast)

"Love most of the tunes but Sofia is awesome!! Twisted Great LP!!" - dPen (Danceradio Greece)

"Realy nice album" - Jurgen Rijkers (Radio Fresh FM - Netherlands)

"This is a great album. At times haunting, moody and atmospheric. " - Djamel (RTÉ Pulse Radio)

"Awesome album! In particular Sofia, Arobat, Terra Tech and Viva are all stand out tracks for me. Nice work " - Stuart King (Audio / NinebyFiveMusic - Melbourne)

"Yeah this sounds dope, Totally unexpected" - Alex Nut (Rinse FM)

"Like Frequency of Eden, Acrobat, Terra Tech, Neo Aux, Luminescence and Soul of a Machine. Already played Nocturne on the radio. " - Philip Downey (CFBU 103.7)

"Very good release - really enjoyed listening to it!" - Riyaz Khan (Diversions - CHRY 105.5FM - Toronto)

"Really like this record. Going to enjoy listening in full" - Alex Parsons