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"Following My Heart / Disco Nights"
Abe Duque
Release Date: 15 Mar 2010

In a year that took Abe Duque from Japan to Berghain, from Australia to London, from San Francisco to Italy, the DON'T BE SO MEAN album has had remixes from Joey Beltram, Hell, Marc Romboy, Max Cooper, Tigerskin and King Roc, and this release wraps up remixes set.

For the lead track on this release, Oliver Huntemann does his own inimitable re-style of Following My Heart, focusing largely on Abe's vocal part of the track. As its counterpart we have the first digital release of Jay Haze's remix of Abe's classic Disco Nights - not, we must admit, actually part of DON'T BE SO MEAN, but too good to turn down.

And what's next for Abe? A compilation later this year, and the return of his ABUSE INDUSTRIES night - See


Track 1: Written by, Produced by, and Vocals by Abe Duque and Virginia Nascimento. Publishing Copyright Control/Universal Music Publishing.
Track 2: Written by, Produced by Abe Duque. Vocals by Blake Baxter. Published Copyright Control.
(P)(C)2009 Process Recordings (Musiqware Ltd).

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"Oliver Huntemann Remix is great!!" - Anderson Noise

"Liking the whooshy kicks on FMH!" - Russell Deeks (IDJ)

"Both mixes are heat! I'm gonna drop Huntemann's tonight at Kontrol, and Jay's is gonna go with me everywhere." - Alland Byallo (Kontrol)

"Love Disco Nights. Great mix by Jay Haze. Big support." - Ashley Beadle

"Huntemann mix is ace!" - Matt Walsh (BuggedOut! / Turbo)

"Very cool stuff I like it!!" - Tom Novy

"Oliver delivers a great mix as usual" - Nick Warren

"Like the Jay Haze mix!" - Ben Murphy (DJMag)

"Huntemann remix is brilliant, superb" - Dave Clarke

"Huntemann's mix is big! Looking forward to playing this" - Max Cooper

"Jay Haze Mix is on Fire. Support at Radio Fritz." - Shir Khan

"Great, dark, driving percussive remix from Huntemann, and solid deep wonk from Haze. Both damn fine mixes!" - Alexander Theory (Kiss FM Melbourne)

"Following my heart remix is a seriously sick floor filler, love it" - Trevor Jackson

"Nice mixes - Strong release - Supported" - Orde Meikle (Slam)

"Very wonky indeed - Thanks!" - Grayson Shipley (Idiotproof)

"Snarling minimalismo with great builds - pounding stuff!" - Joe Gardner (BBC)

"Both sound cool" - Timo Maas

"Great Huntemann Remix, will play!" - Gregor Tresher

"Lovin both these trax, perfect for my current south america tour" - Murray Richardson

"Great bouncing mix from Oliver! " - Mannix (

"Great mixes of great tracks. Thanx" - Tocadisco

"Really good remix by Oliver Huntemann." - Marty Leama

"Oliver remix is TURBO!" - Uncle Roll

"Stunning mixes ... will play both tracks YESSSSS" - Laurent Garnier

"Already supporting "What Happened" in my Chart/ Podcast and gigs , im really into Oliver Huntemann remix of "Following My Heart", great for the floor, more heavy than my usual thing but what a groove!" - Rocco Rodamaal

"Oliver Huntemann is the one for me! Liking!" - Christian Homan (RTÉ Pulse Radio)

"Oliver Huntemann remix = superb!" - DJ Carina

"Really digging the Huntemann remix,,,, great track!!!" - Douglas Greed

"Liking the Oliver mix. Very dark & moody!" - Dillon Koenig

"Oliver's remix is killer as expected but the Jay Haze remix is super also." - Edwin James (Corrugated Tunnel)

"Jay Haze mix is fantastico!" - Anil Chawla

"Massive remix from Oliver" - Psycatron

"Two serious mixes here. I'll play them both." - Nico De Ceglia

"Quality remixes, both in the wallet!" - Yankee Zulu

"Great jay haze update of 'disco nights' - by far the best Abe Duque-classic's remix i've heard!" - Ludovic Llorca

"Wicked drive @ Oliver remix!" - Ricky Ryan

"I fills me with joy to see Oliver Huntemann on this remix, and he doesnt disappoint..." - Hannah Holland

"Loving the Huntemann mix.. dark!" - Oli Cassidy (Filth & Splendour)

"Oliver Huntemann remix!!!! Killer.." - DJ Ralf (Laterra Recordings)

"Huntemann Remix is a belter!" - Lewis Ryder

"The Huntermann rmx is wicked, full support from me" - Jnr J

"Oliver's mix is exceptional! Will def be on my Proton show." - Danny Graham (Tokio Recordings)

"Gotta be disco nights for me...." - Stuart Millar (RTÉ Pulse Radio)

"Deep shit! Both remixes must do proper dancefloor damage! Love it!" - David Froment (Boum! Tchak! - CIBL 101.5 - Montreal)

"HEAVY shit!!" - Timo Garcia

"BOOOOM! Huntemann mix is genius...Haze mix wicked too..full support" - Ben Irving (Nish Nish)

"Adored the original and olivers mix tales it to another level" - Jim Masters (Digital Disco)

"Both primetimers galore. jay haze does it again. boomboom." - René Josquin (De:Bug Online)

"Fantastic release !! Love both remixes here." - Stu Hirst (CR2 / Global Underground)

"Abe Duque don't ever go changing your sound! This is beautiful!" - Jasper Gape (Nerdy Frames Blog)

"Really like the Oliver Huntemann Remix!" - Patrick Kunkel (Cocoon)

"Huntemann Remix is superb! Great Track!"" - Mr. Bizz (Kammer Musik)

"Both remixes are great !!! I will play this for sure !!" - DJ Hell

"Olivers remix is really great. Playing for sure." - Celtec Twinz

"Will definitely be spinning the Huntemann mix on this, cheers!" - Danny Howells

"Really diggin' the sultry funkiness of Jay Haze's remix of Disco Nights." - Andrew Duke (Cognition Audioworks)

"Move, jump, jack yo body to the sound..." - Michael Stukes (Mystic Vybes WHCR 90.3 FM)

"Both mixes are great.... but Jay's mix is there better. Will be playing...." - Louis Osbourne (RTÉ Pulse / U60311)

"Both tracks are fuckin awesome, yes yes yes!" - Nick Ronin

"The Huntemann remix is inredible, real floor filler.." - Fried My Little Brain - Blog

"Huntemann remix is well done. He must have had fun stripping down a track with such strong elements." - The Public Stand - Blog

"Hi There... Thanks for this amazing promo... Loving all the mixes here... very different package 100% support and will play all mixes.. thanks" - Aubrey

"Loving the huntemann remix. will be defo in my record bag for the coming weeks!!!" - Fionn Prendergast

"Wicked remix pack! My favorite is the Oliver Huntemann Rmx. Support!" - Kris Andersen (Rymdfunk)

"2 good remixes. In my box." - Fafa Monteco

"Huntemann mix is great " - Arveene Juthan

"Pretty heavy weight remix by huntemann, really hard to ignore, great stuff" - The Model

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"Jay Haze remix is wkd! THANK YOOO!" - DeBoa

"Jay Haze's remix is awesome!" - Tommi (Wet Yourself)

"Hot - these grooves are tight - can't wait to play out!! Full support for Abe every time!" - Hector Romero

"Jay Haze is great dark tech... will def play this" - Alain Ho (DJ Yellow)

"Big fan of abe duque, full support from me" - Oliver Lang

"I like the jay haze mix - Will play" - Greg Dowling (Fish Go Deep)

"Love the Huntemann mix ... very deep" - Felix Hot Chip