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"What Happened? - Part 2"
Abe Duque feat. Blake Baxter
Release Date: 25 Jan 2010

You know the story...:

The first time round: "After several years of being uninspired by the play-by-numbers house and techno scene around him in New York City, Abe Duque and Blake Baxter channeled their frustrations into a raw, bumping track that revitalised dancefloors in 2004".

Then in 2009: New remixes on Process from Marc Romboy and Max Cooper - the last of which ended up a feature in XLR8R mag, and both of which have been bouncing in and out of the Beatport charts since release.

Now here's the winners of the What Happened? remix competition on Resident Advisor. From competition winner DJ Glen's space disco remake to the superfunky REC remix (Ralph Myerz, Eddie de Bass and DJ Carina), to Zied Jouini's anarchic, driving mix and finally to Reiner Mauch & Lady Puma's Remix - extra vocals, extra deep...


All tracks written by and vocals by Abe Duque and Blake Baxter.
Published by Copyright Control.
(P)(C) 2009 Process Recordings.
Abe Duque bookings: Suzana Gostimirovic at Gostimirovic, |

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"The DJ Glen remix is the one for me. Great production. Mind you though Reiner Mauch & Lady Puma do a sterling job as well." - Ashley Beadle

"Still king of NY Abe Duque" - DJ Hell

"An impressive set of mixes all round but Mauch & Puma just about edges it for me I think..." - Russell Deeks (IDJ)

"Yes yes yesssssss , DJ Glen mix Full club support " - Laurent Garnier

"Really liking DJ Glen's remix!" - DJ Dextress

"Still not tired of this yet and these are another cool set of remixes, DJ Glen's take on things is superb. Love it. 8/10 " - Mitch Davis (Nish Nish)

"Loved the original so will definately be playing these new mixes" - Martin Lampitt (Eclectic Chair on RadioReverb)

"R.E.C mix and Reiner Mauch + Lady Puma mix do it for me cheers. Still a great track" - Edwin James (Corrugated Tunnel)

"R.E.C. remix is pretty cool" - Club Madnezz (Unity FM)

"i like the dj glen and the rainer m and lady p rmxs best...." - DJ Morpheus (Radio Campus (Brussels))

"This is the funkiest and best version for me yet. Excellent works especially from R.E.C." - Christopher Çolak (Dinamo 103.8 FM / Acik Radio 94.9FM - Turkey)

"Great stuff! loving the Dj Glen Remix" - James Trystan (Filth & Splendour)

"Great collection of remixes! Really lovin dj glen remix, will play!" - Animaltek

"I've been rocking the Glen mix for ages and it shreds! Zied's remix sounds dope too!" - Rob Warner (Our House Magazine)

"Another great remix pack of this awesome tune!" - StereoK

"Bomb a sea of bland promos this ones hotness stands out." - Konrad Black

"Oh, I love all the remixes in this release! Great Tunes! I want to play all!" - Lars Wickinger

"DJ Glen mix is brilliant" - Tom Findlay (Groove Armada)

"The REC mix works well. Mauch & Puma win though. They show much respect to the original and add a cool female touch to it. Nice." - René Passet (OOR / DJ Broadcast)

"Love it thanks" - Phil Hartnoll (Orbital)

"I like Zied and R.Mauch version...." - DJ Ralf (Laterra Recordings)

"This shit is hot ! Dope package !" - Mark "moreaboutmusic"

"I'm digging the DJ Glen remix, the rolling bass and vocal efx hit the spot." - Raymundo Rodriguez (Jaded / Wrong)

"SUBERB!" - Joyce Mercedes

"The DJ Glen mix is da funk..." - Mike Kiraly (DI.FM)

"Its the Reiner Mauch & Lady Puma mix for me! Thanks," - Ema Nosurak (Radio nUboogie)

"Reiner Mauch & Lady Puma's Remix is the coolest mix here, it add's subtle hypnotic dimensions that the other mixes dont." - Marty Leama

"Zied mix for me, good futuristic sounds" - Stevie Lost Foy (

"All of these mixes are brilliant. Thank you!" - Oli Cassidy (Filth & Splendour)

"These mixes are simply BANANAS!!!" - Michael Stukes (Mystic Vybes WHCR 90.3 FM)

"REC and Dj Glen mixes are perfect;) Thanks." - Uncle Roll (Deep Frequency / Proton Music)

"Druggy acid" - Nikola Baytala (Kontrol)

"Also a bomb like part 1!!!" - Erwin Kelemen (Plastic Lounge)

"DJ Glen & Zied Remix are the ones for me....." - Jozif

"Love the trippyness of the Zied remix. Thumbs up!" - Mateo Murphy

"Oh yes, more cool remixes for this classic." - Nico De Ceglia

"i like the Reiner Mauch & Lady Puma mix on this one, cheers" - Jim Rivers (Global Underground)

"Dj Glen Mix all day long....solid old school licks going on. Good stuff, Full support" - Ben Irving (Nish Nish)

"Love this jam when it first dropped, the DJ Glen mix is Fiyah, will support!" - Myles C Chalmers (Naked Soul Radio)

"DJ Glen remix - tops!" - Murray Richardson

"Reiner and Lady has cool groove" - Ricky Ryan

"Abe Duque is god!!! Groovey as blue note, this is wicked!!!" - Mike McKenna (Discoscience)

"Love the Zied and Lady Puma mixes here a lot!" - Kevin Fine Cut Bodies

"Space disco all the way!" - Peter Canell (Radio 3rrr Melbourne (Weird Groovin'))

"Cool remix package. My favourites are REC & DJ Glen mixes. Will be playing them out, I'm sure!" - Dillon Koenig

"Reiner Mauch & Lady Puma's Remix is my favourite of these. Quality package. 9/10" - Juska Wendland (Radio YleX)

"Zied & the DJ Glen mixes for me!" - David Irvine (Prehab Recordings / Slinky FM)

"Nice extra deep remix by Reiner Mauch & Lady Puma." - DJ Macleod (World Dance Radio)

"DJ Glen remix is brilliant, Reiner Mauch and Lady Puma remix is very good as well.... Really like it" - Will Kinsella (RTE Pulse Radio)

"Another amazing release!! Full support" - Joy Kitikonti

"Awesome remixes... Will play for sure" - Tocadisco

"I like the extra vocal rmx "Reiner Mauch Lady Puma Remix", the deep bassline!!" - DJ Ralf (Laterra Recordings)

"Great remixes! All four are excellent although I have a preference for the R.E.C. and Zied rerubs." - David Froment (Boum! Tchak! - CIBL 101.5 - Montreal)

"Classic! Love all remixes here thanks" - Mathieu Alline (Pack Up And Dance)

"DJ Glen tis good." - Jakeone

"Playing the Glen mix but especially the Mauch and Puma mix is gonna stay in my sets for a long time." - Ralph Myerz

"DJ Glen's mix is just pure evil in a great way. The Reiner Mauch rework is great as's throbby in all the right placces and builds so well. Great stuff." - Paul Zimmerman (The POP! Stereo)

"Glen mix is cool shit" - Zak Frost

"DJ Glen's mix for me, Rolls really nice. " - Simon Morell (Deep Down and Dirty)

"Glen remix is the one for me, nice groove!" - Aleks Patz (Parquet Recordings)

"Really like the R.E.C Remix!!" - Gene Le Fosse

"Glen Remix, Zied Remix and R.E.C remix rock!" - Patrick Kunkel

"Dj Glen's and Zied's mixes are cool. Thanks!" - Xpansul

"Dj Glen remix is great, loving the bassline! " - AFFKT

"All the mixes work well, DJ Glen one stands out " - Felix Hot Chip

"More cool remixes to add to the previous 2, dj glen's is the pick for me " - Mr Henry Von

"It's ALL about the Reiner Mauch & Lady Puma Remix. Deep, acid groove, love it!" - Alexander Theory (Kiss FM Melbourne)

"DJ Glen Remix is dope - real dark and murky!" - Riyaz Khan (Diversions - CHRY 105.5FM - Toronto)