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Digital Bundle [PRCS128]
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"Frame Of Mind"
Release Date: 04 Jan 2010

DK7, the collaboration project of Stockholm-based producers Mark O'Sullivan and Jesper Dahlbäck, first came to prominence in 2002 with The Difference. It was quickly snapped up by the Trevor Jackson's legendary Output label and followed by a few more singles and, in 2005, the critically acclaimed album Disarmed, which remains one of Output's best selling albums. After Output closed its doors, DK7 were the first act to release new work on Process Recordings in 2008 with Instone and Fashion Feelings, but since then it has gone quiet for them.

Mark and Jesper have both been busy with their solo projects this year. Mark released his debut solo album Fragments From A Long Country earlier this year on Nice & Nasty, and various singles on the same label, as well as on Delikat, ATypical, and on Process. And Jesper has had a steady stream of releases on his own Blank LTD, Turbo and AFU. Little time left for work on new DK7 material.

But there is still one previously unreleased DK7 track, plus a whole set of remixes thereof, which have been around for over a year on the underground circuit. At last, Frame Of Mind will now see it's full release on Process. The main mix comes from Jesper's cousin John Dahlbäck, whose own career has taken a big leap in the past 18 months with Top 40 singles in the Benelux and France. Further remixes are by Mark's fellow Irishman Corrugated Tunnel, London's up-and-coming Dan Cat, and the now-Berlin-resident Tommy Four Seven. Also in the package is Mark's Alternative Version (a.k.a. Inframe) and the original version that may or may not be on that second DK7 album, if/when that eventually gets completed...


Written and Produced by Mark O'Sullivan and Jesper Dahlbäck.
Original version mixed by Mark O'Sullivan.
Published by Melodie Der Welt/Edition Intergroove/Copyright Control.
(P)(C) 2008 Process Recordings (Musiqware Ltd).

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"Glad to see them back." - Benoît Carretier (Tsugi)

"Original and Alternative remixes will be getting a few spins I'm sure." - Pete Carvell (IDJ)

"Heading straight for the Dan Cat mix and also Tommy Four Seven mix." - Marco Smith

"Like the Corrugated Tunnel and Tommy4-7 mixes out of the package." - John Digweed

"The remixes from Dahlbäck and Tommy Four Seven sure kick ass..." - Sven Fortmann (Lodown)

"The Tommy Four Seven Rmx is the one for me..." - Alex Flitsch (Connaisseur Recordings)

"Like the John Dahlback remix " - Zigmund Slezak (IDJ)

"All versions are really solid, but that Corrugated Tunnel mix is ultra yummy!" - Bruce Tantum (Time Out New York)

"FUCK YEAH!!!" - Dan Cat

"John Dalhback rmx is groovy" - DJ Chloé

"All the usual suspects with some great takes on a great tune - very Underworldesque in places" - Martin Lampitt (RadioReverb)

"Solid remix from John!!" - Tom Novy

"Tommy's remix is right on the spot for me! Dark and light meet in one mix, awesome!" - Darko Esser

"John Dahlback & Dan Cats Remixes work for me" - Meat Katie

"A classic track and a classic remix pack" - Corrugated Tunnel

"This has 'Dahlback' written all over it and I'm sure it'll do well" - Russell Deeks (IDJ)

"John Dahlback remix does the trick for me." - Francis Preve (Different Pieces / Toolroom)

"Love this duo! Love this EP! One of the most beautiful things from Process Recordings." - Christopher Çolak (Dinamo 103.8 FM - Turkey)

"F****in good! Corrugated Tunnel remix for me!" - StereoK

"Dahlback remix is ACE!!! will play for sure!" - dPen (Danceradio Greece)

"Nice promo with a lot of big names as remixers!" - Erwin Kelemen (Plastic Lounge)

"Like the John Dahlback and Tommy Four Seven Mixes..." - Mark Robinson (Peppermint Jam)

"Really like the Underworldish vibe of the Corrugated Tunnel remix. Tommy delivers a thumper to. Muchos supportos!" - Stretch Silvester

"Tommy Four Seven's mix is great, as is Dan Cat's." - Max Cooper

"I like the most Corrugated Tunnel and Tommy 4/7 rmxs" - Josef Sedloň (Czech Radio 1)

"Really like the John Dahlback Mix and will def support this" - Haris C (Mix FM Cyprus)

"Whole package is cool. Corrugated Tunnel remix is super slick & and the uber boy wonder Tommy Four Seven's is as expected, excellent." - Mitch Davis (DT/Electric Sheep/365mag)

"Great release! Love the pop atmosphere, mark's vocals so special as usual. Diggin' the Dahlbäck remix, very playful and the inner tension in Mark's alternative version. And the original, of course." - Baughman (Mondo/Goa)

"Tommy 47 mix is doing it for me!" - Dillon Koenig

"Tommy Four Seven doesn't disappoint. The Corrugated Tunnel is also spot on." - René Passet (OOR / DJ Broadcast)

"John Dahlbäcks version is brilliant, fine work." - Filterwolf

"Fantastic remix by Dahlback!" - Dave Lambert (Mostiko)

"Dan Cat is the one for me! full support" - Jozif (Fabric)

"Dahlback mix is rough!!!!!!!!!!!" - Wesley S (Toolroom Records)

"The Corrugated Tunnel mix is for me the most flowing dancefloor version." - Andy Cole (Coley / Luv*Jam / WeLove)

"Amazing release. Awesome !" - Ton van Hoof (Free40 Clubchart)

"My favourite is Tommy 47's remix. Perfect for me!" - Joseph Capriati

"Original mix for me! is very nice :))" - Ricky Ryan

"Tommy Four Seven mix for me here! Also like the Corrugated Tunnel mix!" - Kevin Fine Cut Bodies

"Tommy Four Seven mix is my favourite, Dan Cat's mix is the best interpretation of the original." - Colin John (PointBlank.FM)

"Nu DK7 stuff great !! And a crazy rmx package!!" - Norman (International Deejay Gigolo Records / DJ Hell)

"Corrugated Tunnel and Tommy four seven remixes sounds good for me." - Uncle Roll (Kiwi Club/ Proton Music)

"Love the dahlback rmx" - Harry Avers

"Corrugated Tunnel mixis the shiz." - Alex G (House FM 88.6)

"Corrugated Tunnel & Tommy Four Seven Remix's are lovely" - Lewis Ryder

"Great collection of remixes, really dig Tommy four seven remix" - Animaltek

"John Dahlbäck mix for the phat phunk. Tommy Four Seven for the narcotic intensity. Fine set of mixes." - Joe Mckechnie

"John Dahlback mix works best for me" - Lee Bradley

"I like the Tommy Four Seven mix and JDs mix....good stuff" - Stuart Millar

"Tommy Four Seven mix is rockin!" - Danny Graham (Tokio Recordings)

"The Tommy Four Seven remix will get played " - Salvador Guzman (

"Corrugated Tunnel and Tommy Four Seven remixes are the best. The track has a nice Depeche Mode vibe. Very good electronic music with a male vocal." - DJ Tronic (DanceFloor Mayhem / KBOO)

"Tommy Four Seven gets my pick for the dancefloor, although the Corrugated Tunnel mix and the original are great as well" - Mateo Murphy

"Corrugated Tunnel and Dan Cat mixes working for me" - Jim Rivers (Global Underground)

"Nice 80s electronica feel, killer mix from John as usual" - Stevie Lost Foy (

"Gotta give it 2 the Corrugated Tunnel Remix. 9/10" - Michael Stukes (Mystic Vybes WHCR)

"Nice JD mix, yummy bass" - Rex The Dog

"Lots of usefulness here, but the Tommy Four Seven mix is the one that will get rinsed by me...for sure." - Mike Kiraly (DI.FM)

"Corrugated Tunnel mix sounds cool, and orig is a really nice track." - Anil Chawla

"John's remix rocks big time!!!!!!! oh yes!" - Mike McKenna (Discoscience)