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Mark O'Sullivan
Release Date: 14 Dec 2009

Irish-born, but now firmly Stockholm-based, producer Mark O'Sullivan is best known here at Process for being one half of DK7, whose Instone and Fashion Feelings were among the first few releases on the label in early 2008. DK7 started out on Trevor Jackson's legendary Output label in 2003 with The Difference, which was followed by three more singles and the seminal album Disarmed in 2005.

Over the years Mark has released solo tracks on a range of labels, including Ork, Brique Rouge, Electrovibes and his own JM Recordings. This year he also released his solo debut album Fragments From A Long Country to outstanding critical reviews. Not to mention his other collaborations as Mark & John and The Mighty Quark.

His next solo release is Relapse on Process. The Moroder-esque track has been on the underground circuit for most of this year, and now sees its full and proper release just before the year is over. The first remix is delivered by Psycatron, aka Paul Hamill, whose Deeper Shades Of Black on Planet E spent most of the summer riding high in the Beatport charts. The EP is rounded off by Process-stalwart Jakeone. One half of Toob, and the provider of bleepy-ness in Warp-signed Red Snapper, Jake released his solo Stingrays EP on Process in November. His remix of Relapse is in true Jakeone-style, as only our Jakeone can do.


Written and Produced by Mark O'Sullivan.
Publishing Copyright Control.
(P)(C)2009 Process Recordings (Musiqware Ltd) |

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"Cool rolling tune. Like the original most" - Makossa

"I like the original." - M.A.N.D.Y.

"Yeah, really like it - Big sound and banging beats!" - Joe Gardner (BBC R1 Producer)

"Really like the original version!" - Sven Fortmann (Lodown)

"Mark O'Sullivan is finally shining his solo light. Relapse is quality club cut and Psycatron's remix is outstanding also." - Desy Balmer (Nice & Nasty)

"We like it!" - Gustav (

"The original track is a triumph. Full support." - Filterwolf

"The Jakeone mix is heavy. Going in the DJ CD wallet for this weekend." - Dillon Koenig

"relapse: nice. will play at the show" - Marcus Schaumburg-Müller (Radio 98 Eins) (Radio 98 Eins)

"Like Psycatron remix" - Eddie Halliwell

"There is nothing more to say as: PLAY PLAY PLAY !!! This is a real must have for musiclovers and a highly recommended weapon for the dancefloor. The original is awesome!" - Christian Weiland (Tigershape)

"Very nice and uplifting big tracks in this one and of course my most favorite is Jakeone's! Great." - Christopher Çolak (Dinamo 103.8 FM / Acik Radio 94.9FM - Turkey)

"YO PROCESS !! I LOVE THE ORIGINAL !" - Zdar (Cassius)

"One of the most solid labels of the year. The 2 remixes are cool, the original is excellent." - Mitch Davis (Electric Sheep Records / 365 Mag)

"Really dig the original and jakeone rmx best! excellent stuff!" - DJ Morpheus

"Like the original one, It has a cool 90's touch. Sounds great!" - Christof Joris (Play'house Radio - Belgium)

"The original is the one. It's superb Moroder-esque arpeggios grab you by the shiny techno-disco balls." - Joe Roberts (DJMag)

"Relapse is good, also the Jakeone rmx" - DJ Chloé

"Original's a sweetie. Groovy." - DJ Orion (Radio YleX)

"My favourite is the Original. The Beat reminds me of Donna Summers 'I feel Love'" - DJ Ottic

"Original and Psycatron Rmx are the ones for me..." - Alex Flitsch (Connaisseur Recordings)

"Great release from Mark.. Will be dropping.. Love the production.. Its quality and moves in all the right ways.. Remixes are great too.. " - Arveene (Spin FM / Clampdown)

"Psychatron mix is the bizz" - Peter Canell (Radio 3rrr Melbourne)

"Psycatron remix is excellent here!" - Jim Rivers (Global Underground)

"Original has all the right grooves in all the right places." - Jimmy Posters (Pulse Radio)

"Wow! Hard to pick the best mix as they are all so good." - Dave Irvine (Prehab Recordings / Slinky FM)

"I like Psycatron remix." - Uncle Roll (Kiwi Club/ Proton Music)

"Nice original and like the Psycatron Remix" - Lewis Ryder

"The best promo received in ages. All tracks are top, loving Jakeone's darkness the most I must admit." - Colin John

"Early morning - Put this on and watch everyone wobble - Very very good " - Salvador Guzman (

"Sexy, seductive, Top class" - Lopazz

"Great set of mixes. Psycatron remix is my favorite." - DJ Tronic (DanceFloor Mayhem / KBOO)

"Love both remixes, great stuff!" - Mateo Murphy

"The psycatron rmx is massive !!! as always" - DJ Hell

"Good Good Release...I Like the Original" - Mr.Bizz (Cocoon/Kammer)

"Wow, love the original. It's quite hypnotic!" - Ian Robinson (TrailerTrash)

"Nice spacey builder, works well" - Jim Masters (Digital Disco)

"Like Jakeone remix a lot, great bassline n bleeps" - Billy Nasty

"Jakeone Remix is dirty! good shit.. !" - Radioactive Man

"Great work as usual!" - Ben Mono (Compost)

"Wow! on 1.40 Jakeone remix it's getting maaad! i really like that! =)" - Alec Troniq

"Great release, original is the one for me. " - Louis Osbourne (RTÉ Pulse)

"Diggy diggy the original, anything with that kind of bassline works for us, ever since birth!" - Rex The Dog

"Love the Psycatron Remix" - Oliver Lang

"I like psycatron mix. original is also really good here" - Chloe Harris

"Tight minimal production, yet melodic too" - Stevie Lost Foy

"I really like the Original & Psycatron remix, Both can be played at different moments of a set!" - Gene Le Fosse (ADR)

"Really lovin the Psycatron remix!" - Animaltek

"Basically....brutal! Psycatron mix is perfect" - Rob Boskamp

"I like the original and the psycatron remix!" - Patrick Kunkel

"Feelin' the Jakeone mix. Dark and deadly!" - My Cousin Roy (Wurst Records)

"Another great release! Psycatron Remix works best for me!" - DJ Felipe

"Liking the original best" - DJ Harri (Sub Club)

"The originals doing it for me!" - DeBoa (Bastard Batty Bass)

"Liking the psycatron remix!" - Tommi (Wet Yourself)

"Psycratron Remix is awesome." - Celtec Twinz

"Yeah, chunky n funky... I like the original and Jakeone remix too!" - DJ Stranger

"Original is absolutely awesome. Thanks. This will get plenty of festive spins." - Niles (Cosmic Disco)