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"Stingrays EP"
Release Date: 23 Nov 2009

Jakeone, half of Process's first album act Toob, first discovered a love of electronic dance music as a young teenager stumbling around the early 90s free rave scene. Captivated by the energy of Detroit's deep bleeps meeting raucous London breaks and balls-out hardcore techno, he soon started playing the odd record at dirty basement parties and piecing beats together on a cranky old Emu Emax sampler.

The first proper break came landing a job at London's Orinoco Studios working with likes of The Chemical Brothers, Death In Vegas and more importantly the seminal, Warp-signed "fuck-off jazz" band Red Snapper. Jakeone's flair for improvising with machines found a musical ally in Snapper drummer Rich Thair, who asked him to come on board and provide a harder, more electronic edge to the band's already formidable set-up.

At the same time he was cutting his teeth as a solo performer - DJing and playing live techno and electro at London's now infamous Wang parties alongside a lot of electronic music's heavy-hitters including Radioactive Man, Plaid, Mark Broom and Andrew Weatherall. He remains a regular and crowd favourite at their nights, and many key techno acts like Dave Clarke, Laurent Garnier, Billy Nasty and Will Saul are fans of Jake's now defunct label Flameboy - an output for "off-kilter, bastardized club music" by himself as well as like-minded individuals such as Shirker, Radioactive Man, Si Begg and Vicious Pink Goo.

Meanwhile, Jakeone and Rich formed Toob, whose last album, Push Me, Pull You was arguably one of 2008's most criminally over-looked releases. Except by the critics, with calling it the "best leftfield pop album of 2008" and DJ Mag called it "one of the best electronic dance albums of the year". Even rocker bible Q named it as 2008's "most ambitious dance album". Now also part of what Process calls its "house band" of weirdy remixers, Jake has a set of new remixes and tracks coming in 2009/2010 - alongside this, his first solo EP on the label.


Written and Produced by Jake Williams
Published by Musiqware Ltd
(P)(C) 2009 Process Recordings (Musiqware Ltd)
Distributed by Musiqware Ltd

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"Real nice indeed" - Drums Of Death

"LaOnda's a really nice track but the 'must play' for me is the stripped down broken beat "tool" version of "Stingray Beats'.. Totally works as a track on it's own and's gonna be fun to mix up..Can't wait to play this one out.. Simple..Effective..Large!" - Jerome Hill

"Sounds really good, pretty techno!" - Matt Walsh

"Great and well creatively produced" - Alec Troniq (Microtonal / Ipoly)

"Feeling the EP" - Spam Chop (Wigflex)

"The EP sounds great! - Really enjoying the tracks." - Tim Simenon (Bomb the Bass)

"Really like Onda II and Stingray Beats particularly......unusual but really effective" - Alex Smoke

"Cool combination of electro and pumping organic techno. I will support for sure" - Laurent Garnier

"I really appreciate getting interesting music in my inbox." - James Holden

"Liking the main Stingrays track great - Granchy noises and that Onda II is mental!" - Jim Masters

""Onda II" is great -- quite intense!" - Philip Sherburne

"Digging the techno-electro-bass of La Onda. Heavy dancefloor potential." - Joe Roberts (DJMag)

"Very good, smooth and yet dangerous bass and good combo" - Dave Clarke

"Cool mix of styles on here and none of it contrived. Yet more excellence from Process." - Mitch Davis (Electric Sheep Records)

"Onda II is very cool" - DJ Dextress

"Really like all the tracks in here.. esp. Stingrays. Top stuff!" - DJ Morpheus

"It is getting darker and harder every day. Very nice one here. I like Stingrays best. Way out of Mars. Alienated techno sound." - Christopher Çolak (Dinamo 103.8 FM - Turkey)

"La Onda is proof that Mr one's time in the hands of kidnappers in Senegal was not wasted. Onda2 is proof that it scarred him deeply. Inspired tracks from a great producer." - Richard Thair (Toob / Red Snapper)

"Very nice cranking techy sounds. Thanks." - Rob Warner (Our House Magazine / Blogger)

"Onda II! Yes!" - Tommy Four Seven

"La Onda has a mad groove!" - DJ Orion (Radio YleX)

"Jakeone is always on the button!" - David Fleming (EQ Magazine)

"Dirty funky & very very good," - Martin Lampitt (Eclectic Chair on RadioReverb)

"Rotation support on BLN.FM radio, Berlin." - Tim Thaler

"Loving the stranger tracks on this release, Onda II and Stingray Beats are both great" - Max Cooper

"I really like Stingrays. Its different from a lot of stuff I get in so that is most definitely a good thing too." - Will Kinsella (Ceoltronic on RTE Pulse Radio)

"Onda II and Stingray Beats are the one for me, support!" - Erwin Kelemen (Plastic Lounge - Freies Radio Freudenstadt)

"Liking the dark vibes of Stingrays." - Dillon Koenig

"Great techno release. Full support" - Edwin James (Corrugated Tunnel)

"Like Stingrays!!" - Etienne de Crécy

"Stingrays is the one for me" - Dave Clarke

"I love Stingrays..... i like a lot ;-)" - Meat Katie

"Solid tunes, Full support." - Filterwolf

"Loved Toob's second LP and this has a harder/sharper club feel. 'Onda II' is relentless, solid production value on all tracks." - Alex Glen

"Really nice stuff here. Stingrays and La Onda are my favourites, nice old school feeling" - Nic Liu (Love International)

"Onda II is a great techno aggressor, cant wait to play it out tonight." - Colin John

"'Onda II' is really dark!!!" - Baggi Begovic (Los Radio)

"Nice little package... I like La Onda and the Stringray Beats... nice little DJ tool that one..." - Harry Avers (Noice!)

"Squelchy beats, love it" - Stevie Lost Foy (

"Onda II is pretty crazy! And stringray beats are very cool." - Mateo Murphy

"Stringrays = Peak time WEAPON! " - Lewis Ryder

"Stingrays is a great tech house track. Onda II is a nice driving techno beat. Will be playing both of those tracks and supporting this EP." - DJ Tronic

"Stingray Beats is a wicked tool." - Chris Power (Drowned In Sound)

"Onda is good" - DJ Hell

"Stingrays is crazy cool" - Ricky Ryan