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"Let's Take It Back"
Abe Duque and Blake Baxter
Release Date: 07 Sep 2009

What dancefloor were you on when you first heard Abe Duque and Blake Baxter's "What happened?"

At that time, Abe Duque had spent a few years in the wilderness. He'd fallen from a regular on the European techno touring circuit to eking out a living as a carpenter, with barely enough money to release his own music - the legendary early Abe Duque Records 12"s, one-sided, with messages from Abe hand-scratched into the vinyl lacquer on each release.

And with good music drowning in a rising tide of bad mainstream minimal, Abe and Blake Baxter were both at their wits end. Blake recorded a killer vocal over a dark, springy Abe groove, asking where the love had gone. "The limelight, NYC. What Happened? Can someone tell me? Studio 54. We all know what happened..."

Also on that release were Acid and Disco Nights, another two stone-cold classics.

The 12" took Abe and Blake right back to the centre of techno - twenty-five thousand sold on vinyl, and dancefloors round the world asking "Hip House - What the F**k happened? Drum and bass - What happened?"

Now, in today's time of dire conga cod-deep afro-house - Berlin, seriously, WTF? - Abe and Blake return with Let's take it back. There's a delicate contemporary King Roc mix, but there's also an absolute monster of a white-noise mix from Joey Beltram that has to be heard to be believed - listen to it, chart it, and for a bit of background, check out the in-depth interview with Abe on


All tracks written by and vocals by Abe Duque and Blake Baxter.
Recorded at: The Cave Super Studios, Hollis NYC and Dorm Room Studios, Berlin.
Published by Copyright Control.
(P) and (C) 2009 Process Recordings.
Abe Duque bookings: Suzana Gostimirovic at Gostimirovic, |

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"Joey beltram & king roc remix`s are superb !!!" - DJ Hell

"Original and beltram mixes are fab." - JD Twitch

"Original is beautiful. will play the joey beltram mix a lot." - M.A.N.D.Y.

"Great release! Loving the original the most but also the two remixes. Great package. Viva Abe and Blake!!" - Lee Burridge

"Real good one! nice. thanks a lot" - Pack Up and Dance

"Amazing release! Original and Joey Beltram are massive!" - Coyu (Liebe*detail)

"This is great, King Roc mix for me thanks!" - Tom Novy

"Joey beltram mix for me" - Nikola Baytala (Kontrol)

"Huge release, love the King Roc and Beltram remixes!" - Max Cooper

"Like the original and JOey beltram mixes - both good for afterhours" - DJ Paulette

"Will play the Joey Beltram mix. Good job." - Marco Passarani

"Original still my fav, but Beltram version is a techno moster !!" - DJ Ralf

"Absolutely loved the original and this Joey Beltram mix is killer" - Hannah Holland

"Original was wicked and a great set of remixes, Beltram's is a monster!" - Jim Masters

"Joey Beltram rmx is great" - F.E.X

"Lovin the original and the king roc remix" - Jem Haynes

"Great STUFF!!!" - Tocadisco

"King Roc remix is amazing - beautiful original too - and the Joey Beltram remix will wake any dance floor - quality release" - Salvador Guzman

"Beltram mix is great, moody and groovy." - Tom Findlay

"King Rock will work for me - mambo and Pacha this weekend !" - OnePhatDeeva

"Like the original- and will play" - Tomboy

"Good work abe!!" - Monika Kruse

"Really feeling the deep feel on the Original mix and Joey takes it to another level." - Hector Romero

"Original and King Roc mixes for me!" - Tom Budden

"Great - like all mixes!" - Jamie Anderson

"I love the original and the joey beltram remix." - Undo

"Abe is the man. How could this single not rock? He just continues to pump out hit after hit each one better than the next." - Paul Zimmerman (The POP! Stereo)

"King Roc remix is bets for my sets, but the Beltram mix is a monster as well!" - Stel

"Beltram remix virtually screams afterhours. Sexy and dark!" - Beatportal

"Original mix is good but Beltram murdered it!" - Tommie Sunshine

"Loving it - really nice mix of sounds" - DJ Mag