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"A Pocket Full Of Prose"
King Roc
Release Date: 25 May 2009

With raves that surprised even us, King Roc's Chapters has been described as "the ultimate afterhours soundtrack" (IDJ) and "an art-house opera" (De:bug). But while that album was aimed at the home, these remixes of single #2, A Pocket Full of Prose, are very much for the dancefloor and the traditional King Roc fans. A great dancefloor re-rub from D-Nox and Beckers, a stripped-back Darko Esser mix, plus a beatless version, alongside King Roc's own dancefloor remix - techno strings with a heads-down, pounding groove.

Listen and let us know what you think...

"King Roc is the forward thinking mastermind of 21st century club music" - Lodown Germany

"The ultimate afterhours soundtrack - 10/10, recommended" - IDJ

"GRAB IT" - Keys Magazine

"Dance music grows up - an art-house opera" - De:bug

"Album of the month - arrestingly beautiful - 5/5" - DJ Mag

"It’s an absolute success - a future classic that demands repeated listening and an intimate discovery of what lies within - 9/10" - Data Transmission

"A veritable electronic opera" - Titel

"A complete revelation" - M8

"A fantastic debut from one of dance music’s rising stars" - Mr and Mrs Smith

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Written and produced by Martin Dawson.
Published by Musiqware Ltd.
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