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King Roc
Release Date: 23 Mar 2009

Here's the story: King Roc wrote dance music, once. He's half of the wildly successful techno / deep house duo Two Armadillos with Giles Smith of UK club pioneers Secretsundaze. He DJs Brazil, China, Australia, a couple of times each year each as well as regularly playing the big European and UK clubs. He lives in Brazil and Berlin but really he's a nicely-mannered gent from southwest London. And he's carved out quite a job reinterpreting big names from Future Sound of London to New Order to S-Xpress to new blood like D-Nox and Beckers.

But he doesn't like to talk much, and two years back he was fed up to the back teeth of 4/4 for the dancefloor. So when he met Australian artist Seb Godfrey of Drunkpark, they hatched a plan together.

A concept album that won't explain itself.

(But it started with some ideas about dreams, intuition, happenstance and coincidence.)

No talking. Big secret theories. A concept album.

Starting with: A set of four collectable 12"s (each with a lovely poster!) Artwork by Seb, each 12" with its own theme - the first of which was "chance". Music by King Roc - but the 12s had to run from ambient to trip-hop to indie to Orbital-style oldschool to techno.

And then: for the final CD, each track had to be ripped apart and thrown back together for its reappearance on the CD - with trip-hop transformed into a beautiful vocal number, or techno into lush, beatless cinematics.

Voila - the CD you have now, Chapters.

The hype has been building for some time now round the 12"s and their visuals - an increasingly rare, non-disposable approach to vinyl that King Roc paid for from his own pocket. "They're the best thing King Roc has ever done" - IDJ. "[This] will be the year King Roc claims his crown ... [the 12"s are] dreamy ... elegant ... gorgeous ... bittersweet ... melancholy" - DJ mag. And that's alongside the more experimental names raving about his Two Armadillos work, like Agoria calling it "perfect for summer days".

What's the concept for the album? - You can explain these things, says King Roc, but it sounds arrogant. The questions have to be more important than the answers. There's some maths in there [Phidias Gold is sequenced to follow the timing of the "Golden Ratio" of intervals of 1.68], there's a dream about an enormous plant made of brick that inspired the entire fourth EP, Dreamattic, and Flow is about those few times in life when you are totally ego-free and entirely in the moment.

There are only chapters in a person's life...


Written and produced by Martin Dawson.
Track 2 co-written by and vocals by Michael Hosie.
Track 11 co-written by and vocals by Barbara Alcindor.
Mastered by Shawn Joseph.
Published by Musiqware Ltd.
(P)(C) 2009 Process Recordings (Musiqware Ltd).
Design by
Distributed by Music Response.
12" versions of these tracks originally released on Mutual Society Music. |

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ALBUM OF THE MONTH - "Arrestingly beautiful" - DJ MAG
"Perfect for the afterhours - timeless - 10/10" - IDJ
"King Roc is the forward thinking mastermind of 21st Century club music" - Lodown
"An absolute success and a future classic" - Data Transmission
"GRAB IT" - Keys magazine
"Dance music grows up - an art-house opera" - De:bug
"A veritable electronic opera" - Titel
"A complete revelation" - M8