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"The Beginning / Lunar People"
King Roc
Release Date: 09 Mar 2009

It's almost here... King Roc's debut album Chapters is out 23 March, and this is the first single. Edits of beautiful piano-and-aaaah number The Beginning and the rockier Lunar People - one of the album's two pop songs, vocal and all.

How are reactions to the album so far?

Three of the four 12"s were IDJ "top tunes" and "wonderful ... the best thing King Roc has ever done". Meanwhile, DJ mag tipped the success of Chapters as early as the beginning of last year, saying "[This] will be the year King Roc claims his crown ... [the 12"s are] dreamy ... elegant ... gorgeous ... bittersweet ... melancholy". Or there's the German press, giving the last track a "Super! 6/6" in Raveline, or saying "quality stuff as usual" (Lodown).

And then there's the DJs -

"Brilliant" - Solomun.

"Lovely" - Agoria.

"Brilliant" - Style of Eye.

"Really nice" - Fabrice Lig.

"Beautiful, emotional, groovy: right up my alley!" - Darko Esser.

"I love everything [King Roc] does these days" - Tim Sheridan.

So keep an eye out for features in Raveline, DJ, IDJ, Clash, Lodown, radio play from German public radio to Turkey to Austria to Greece to London ... And that's alongside King Roc's continued work as half of Two Armadillos with Giles Smith, described by Agoria as "perfect for summer days" and "Perfectly conjures up vivid memories of heady days and nights, pre minimal garbage, oozing the kind of bassy groove that locks smiling bug eyed dancers on the spot for hours" - IDJ. Keep an eye out for new material and remixes from them, as well as King Roc and Tim Sheridan's killer The Ghosts That Live In Her, on Veryverywrongindeed...

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Written and produced by Martin Dawson.
Track 2 co-written by and vocals by Michael Hosie.
Mastered by Shawn Joseph.
Published by Musiqware Ltd.
(P)(C) 2008 Process Recordings (Musiqware Ltd) |