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"Push Me, Pull You"
Release Date: 08 Sep 2008

Three years after their first album, Toob return in September with their new album "Push Me, Pull You". The new album takes the audience on an exciting journey through melodic electronica, breaks, dub, afro-beats and punk funk. The album includes taster single "Clipto" (Released in March 2008), the follow-up single "Skinbox", gig-closer "The Toob Show", Bomb The Bass collaboration "Pirate Teeth" and DJ favourite "Open The Gates".

Toob are Rich Thair (drummer of Red Snapper) and JakeOne (sometime collaborator with Red Snapper). Their acclaimed first album "How To Spell Toob" was released in 2005 on Lo Recordings. "Push Me, Pull You" will be released globally on Process Recordings in September 2008.

Toob have always been about combining an epic techno sound with their love of afro-beat, dub and real twisted punk funk. The electronic with the organic. This album sees them take this to a new level and pushing themselves both musically and production-wise. While Rich continues his quest for the perfect live break, Jake found his beaten up old bass, electric guitars… and his voice. In the clubs Jake had been experimenting using his vocals as another texture and a way to make the music a more direct and personal communication. On the record they've taken it further - enlisting the help of Alpha's Wendy Stubbs, her powerful harmonies bringing a new psychedelic gospel dimension to the music.

The album also features a track written with Tim Simenon (Bomb The Bass) - the stealthy, breakbeat meets soundtrack monster "Pirate Teeth". It proved a successful collaboration and Jake and Rich both feature on BTB's forthcoming album "Future Chaos", including BTB's new single "Burn The Bunker".

"Push Me, Pull You" has a big sound. On mixing duties, Jake has managed to capture the expanse and energy of the Toob live show and as the album deftly switches styles and tempos throughout, their combined experience as both musicians and producers shines through.


Written, performed and produced by TOOB,
except track 7 written by Toob and Tim Simenon.
Vocals by Jakeone and Wendy Stubbs.
Mixed by Jakeone.
Mastered by Jay Burnett.
TOOB is Rich Thair and Jakeone.
Published by Musiqware Ltd.
(P)(C) 2008 Process Recordings (Musiqware Ltd) |

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"This album is totally brilliant in all respects" - Clive Craske [Radio Reverb]

"This is one of the best albumns I've heard for a while, really varied but not random, sort of a cross between Lemon Jelly and Hot Chip." - Si.Mac

"This is a very positive, fresh, bold and current album from Toob" - Mat Carter [Fabric]

"Skinbox is wicked!" - DJ Alex Parsons

"Filthy low-end punk funk from those Toob chappies Rich Thair and Jakeone" - Found Sounds [DJ Mag Review]

"Fkn wicked! U sxy bstrds." - Jon Kennedy