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Release Date: 22 Sep 2008

With the press now getting all excited about the release of the new Toob album (See this month's DJ Mag, iDJ, Clash, Artrocker, and more), and radio across the board picking their favourite tracks from the album (Radio 1, 6Music, XFM, Kiss, Juice, ÖRF4, ...), Process Recordings presents a remix package of the album's second track "Skinbox". Simultaneously a great groove and a sinister lyric, it could be a clever pop duet...

The remix package crosses a huge range of styles. Jon Kennedy's reconstruction adds a live bass and the breadth of perfectly chosen, unignorable musical detail that is the trademark of his work on the labels Grand Central and Tru Thoughts. The contrast between lyrics and music make the remix, where Sydney Le Sarge's Boardroom mix and dub go for a more hypnotic affect, taking the track into darker, housier territory. And from Berlin comes Espion, who combines the epic and the very human to great effect - an unrelenting bassline and a stuttering rhythm section versus the vocal, now divided into separate parts (yep - man v woman) for Toob's Jakeone and the album's regular contributor Wendy Stubbs of Alpha.

Toob have always been about combining an epic techno sound with their love of afro-beat, dub and real twisted punk funk - the electronic with the organic. Rich Thair (drummer of Red Snapper) and JakeOne (sometime collaborator with Red Snapper) released their acclaimed first album "How To Spell Toob" in 2005, but this second album sees them take this to a new level. While Rich continues his quest for the perfect live break, Jake found his beaten up old bass, electric guitars... and his voice. In the clubs Jake had been experimenting using his vocals as another texture and a way to make the music a more direct and personal communication. On the record they've taken it further...

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Written, performed and produced by TOOB,
Vocals by Jakeone and Wendy Stubbs.
Mixed by Jakeone.
TOOB is Rich Thair and Jakeone.
Published by Musiqware Ltd.
(P)(C) 2008 Process Recordings (Musiqware Ltd) |