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Digital Bundle [PRCS107]
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"Disarmed - Remixed"
Release Date: 04 Aug 2008

DK7 released their debut album in 2005 on the legendary Output label. They are now working on their new album for Process, and have already released new tracks, such as Instone and Fashion Feelings as singles.

Meanwhile, legends such as Lopazz, Zoo Brazil, Joel Mull, Steve Rachmad and Phil Kieran continued to produce remixes of some of the tracks from Disarmed, keeping the album very much in the spotlight.

These remixes were initially released as 12s on their own DK7 Recordings, and have now been rounded up on this album of 11 tracks.

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Written and Produced by Mark O'Sullivan and Jesper Dahlbäck.
Additional production as per track credits.
Published by Melodie Der Welt/Edition Intergroove/Copyright Control.
(P)(C) 2008 Process Recordings