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"Illectronic - Part 1"
7 Hurtz
Release Date: 21 Apr 2008

Having made their debut on Output Recordings in 1999, London electronica duo 7 Hurtz went on to make two warmly received albums for the label over the next four years, before immersing themselves in other projects from 2004 onwards. Now Lascelles Gordon returns with Paul Waller on the thrusting Process label, with "Illectronic - Part 1", the first in a series of EPs with new material.

The opener "Illectro" sees the lads straight back into the deep electronic groove as a spacey synth, rumbling bassline and skittering broken beats combined with a hypnotic organ synth and plucked string stabs for an emotive new beginning. "The 5 Voices of the Prophet" eases straight into a bassline groove before being joined by layered, fractured percussion and gently sweeping synths. "Snowblind" drifts by on weightless ambience and brooding atmospherics with only a pulsing kick and stuttering hats providing rhythmic accompaniment for this melancholic closer.

With WARP giants Autechre also making a welcome return around now, 2008 looks set to be another benchmark year for UK electronica. It’s only fitting that 7 Hurtz should again be at the forefront.

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Track 1 Written by Lascelles Gordon, Ben Cowen, Paul Waller
Tracks 2 & 3 Written by Lascelles Gordon, Paul Waller
All tracks Produced by Lascelles Gordon & Paul Waller
All tracks Published by Copyright Control
(P)(C) 2008 Process Recordings
Licensing:, +44 (0)20 7043 8688.