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Irish Soul and House music vocalist Antoinette Dunleavy first appeared on Process Recordings as collaborator with Corrugated Tunnel (a.k.a Edwin James) on "Remedy For My Soul" and "The Rejection". For the past year she has been working closely with Edwin on her own debut solo album, As that reaches its completion, Process releases "Barriers", the first single to be taken from the as yet untitled debut longplayer.

The single "Barriers" explores the universal themes of heart break, vulnerability, insecurity and of course unrequited love - all common threads that run through the music of the legendary artists of that magical early Motown era which has always greatly inspired Antoinette's artistry and writing style.


Following the release of Toob's come-back EP "Chromaphon", Process Recordings now brings you remixes from Point B and Radioactive Man for the EP's title track.

Celebrating their tenth year in the world of off-kilter dance music as Toob, Rich Thair and Jakeone are back in the limelight. With various gigs and DJ sets across Europe, the boys are clocking up the airmiles nicely. Check out -and download- their DJ set at Cicade PreOcupada Portugal on the Pulse Radio website (Click here).


Following "Fase Uno" on the legendary Plastic Fantastic label and "Fase Due" on Process Recordings, it is time for the third and final installment of the SoogoWonk trilogy: "Fase Tre".

Opening track "Rising Orange Sun" is a dark and slow atmospheric electronic piece, whilst "LSDS (Large Space Deep Seas)" is more upbeat and filled with a melodic synthline. Last but not least, "Pink Missiles" is a guitar-centered electronic rock track, which is the centerpoint of their live performances.


Corrugated Tunnel's album project "Minor Obsessions" started off last year with the release of "Remedy For My Soul", graced by the wonderfully soulful voice of Antoinette.

It's now time to round off this album with a final single "The Rejection", which again features Antoinette, and comes with remixes from Legowelt and Fish Go Deep.


TOOB! We love them. The first-ever album release on Process Recordings was their "Push Me, Pull You" in late 2008, and was accompanied by a series of singles.

Rich Thair has been busy drumming away for the new Red Snapper album (and now tour), whilst Jakeone has been spreading his bleeps and beats into various projects, including his "Stingrays EP" on Process.

Meanwhile... stems and mixes were shuttling back and forth between rural Wales and manic London, and new TOOB tracks started to appear. We now proudly present you the first four of them in the shape of the brand new "Chromaphon EP".

To celebrate this release the two chaps will be delivering some very special DJ sets at selected night-spots around Europe.


The third album by Corrugated Tunnel (a.k.a. Edwin James). Already firmly established on the Dublin scene as a DJ, remixer and live electronics act, he is Ireland's answer to Röyksopp, Trentemøller and Booka Shade.

Corrugated Tunnel has built a reputation for producing beautifully crafted, melodic and deep electronic music, that crosses various genres."Minor Obsessions" is notably different from his previous albums by the prominence of vocals on many of the tracks, which is sure to be a blueprint for future releases. The album consists of 12 diverse tracks that blend together seamlessly into a 53-minute electronic symphony, taking the listener on a musical journey ...

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With radio plays from Huw Stephens (BBC Radio One), Eddy Temple-Morris (XFM London), Paul Hamill (BBC Radio Ulster), Alexander Theory (Kiss FM Melbourne), Dave Mothersole (Proton Radio) and on Berlin's BLN.FM, Filterwolf's mixture of styles and ideas of the past, present and future is rapidly gaining momentum. Fast-paced electronica with reminiscence of Kraftwerk and Carl Craig is combined with sampled oriental and middle-eastern Burial-esque vocals to create Music From Tomorrow, Filterwolf's debut album.


"Been buying Abe's stuff religiously for a while now and he shows no sign of dissapointing." - Prins Thomas

"Abe Duque is one of my favorite producers, always turns out fwd thinking nasty club shit but with firm respect to the past" - Trevor Jackson

"Holy shit! Every track is incredible!!!! 5/5 easy." - Alland Byallo (Kontrol)

"Deeper than I was expecting, but that is no problem as I am a lifelong fan of da Duque" - Dave Clarke

"Wow, great, another cool slam of Abe!" - Marc Romboy

Abe Duque press page | Buy CD from | Download from iTunes.


"ALBUM OF THE MONTH - Arrestingly beautiful" - DJMag

"Perfect for the afterhours - timeless - 10/10" - IDJ

"King Roc is the forward thinking mastermind of 21st Century club music" - Lodown

"An absolute success and a future classic" - Data Transmission

"GRAB IT" - Keys magazine

"Dance music grows up - an art-house opera" - De:bug

"A veritable electronic opera" - Titel

"A complete revelation" - M8

King Roc Website, Twitter, Myspace


"Best electronic leftfield album 2008" - Bleep

"Top 10 electronic album 2009" - Boomkat

"One of the year's most ambitious dance albums" - Q Magazine

"Electronic Heaven... One of 2008's best albums" - DJ Mag

"5/5 and album of the week" - DMC Update

"Eclectic and Electric" - Clash Mag

"Effortlessly engaging and intelligent" - HiVoltage

Toob website | Toob myspace | Buy CD from amazon UK | Download from iTunes.

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